Klick Stylus and Klick Stylus Slim stylus/pen combo review

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Klick Stylus Slim

What is it they say about the camera? That the best one you have is the one you have with you? I think the same can be said for a stylus. The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch don’t need one, after all. As a result, at those times when a stylus would be better, you likely won’t have one with you. Morrison Innovations seeks to prevent this problem by combining a touch capacitive stylus with intuitive pen functionality in their Klick Stylus and Klick Stylus Slim.

Intuitive is the word here. I’ve used stylus/pen combos with the pen on one side and the stylus nib on the other, but Morrison Innovations puts them on the same tip. The stylus is always available and ready to go. To use the pen, you click the end cap as you would on most retractable pens. The difference here is that the point appears through a hole in the stylus nib.

Klick Stylus Slim

The benefit here is obvious; carry this around with you as your pen, and you’ve always got a stylus ready when you need it. However, there are also two drawbacks. First, the whole in the middle of the stylus nub makes it somewhat week, and I found I had to press a bit harder than with other styli in order for it to register through the screen protector on my phone. Second, you run the risk of using the stlyus without first retracting the pen, and I can’t imagine writing on your iPhone screen can end any way other than badly. A screen protector would be wise, but then you’re caught in the Catch-22 with problem one.

The Klick Stylus comes in two styles: normal and slim. Both feature lightweight construction and are comfortable to hold. The curves of the Slim provide a more comfortable grip, but I preferred the weighting of the standard Klick Stylus Pen, pictured below.

Klick Stylus

That one is available only red, blue and black, however, while the Slim also comes in green and orange, as seen up top. The slim is also cheaper, costing only $15.00 to the Klick Stylus’ $30.00 (although, if you use coupon code TELL25, you can save 25% off your order on either). I personally would still take the more elegant and solidly constructed Klick Stylus, but at twice the cost, it’s a hard sale to make, especially if you’re considering buying them wholesale for custom corporate branding, which Morrison Innovations offers.

Either Klick Stylus will do the job, and it’ll always be with you when you’re inspired to create a quick tablet illustration or need some precise gaming control. And isn’t that kind of the point?

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Klick Stylus review

Buy the Klick Stylus and Klick Stylus Slim

Provides: Touch capacitive input and standard pen functionality
Developer: Morrison Innovations
Minimum Requirements: Any touchscreen device…and some paper
Price: $15.00 – Klick Stylus Slim; $30.00 – Klick Stylus
Availability: Now

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