Gold iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 leaked (in suspiciously gold tinted photos)

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We all know the iPad 5 exists, we’re only waiting for the official announcement from Apple. We’ve seen the rear panel in high-quality images several times, showing a design similar to that of the iPad Mini. The rumor mill has also suggested the iPad 5 will launch in the same colors as iPhone 5S: gold, silver and space gray.

We’ve seen the rear shells in space gray, and today we have some photos of the purported iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 in gold, complete with a gold tinted background and a gold tinted site identifier. You be the judge.

ipad 5

If the rumors we’ve heard so far are to be believed, the iPad 5 is expected to come with the same A7 64-bit chip, Touch ID and the 8MP camera of the iPhone 5S. It seems Apple is bringing a full hardware upgrade to its iPad lineup, as the miniature version is also expected to feature the same camera, Touch ID and Retina display. However, there were a few reports that contradicted with the Retina display rumor.


Apple is expected to hold an event on October 22nd, according to AllThingsD, where the company will unveil its upgraded iPad lineup. Apple hasn’t confirmed the event, but the folks at AllThingsD have a very decent track record. The publication accurately predicted the September 10th event last month, so we reason to be excited.

Stay tuned to AppleTell, we’ll update you as soon any information pops up…hopefully with better attempts and forged photo “leaks.”

Via [CtechCN]

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