Nike FuelBand SE arrives on November 6th

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Apple has yet to enter the smart watch game, but Nike has filled the void by releasing a whole new version of its successful FuelBand line of smart-watches. With a focus on performance and athletics and a base of Nike+ products, Nike managed to create a device not only for athletes and health nuts, but for the average consumer as well. Now, a little more than a year after Nike released the FuelBand, it has introduced a successor called the FuelBand SE. The FuelBand SE brings many improvements to the design and connectivity of the device, adding new colors and making it more durable.

Nike has also built in next generation Bluetooth 4.0, which has now become standard on Apple’s iOS devices and has been around since the iPhone 4. I have seen a lot of iOS users purchasing FuelBands because of Apple’s inclusion of Nike+ technology into most of its products. The FuelBand proves to be quite a powerful workout assistant, tracking your goals with “Fuel Points” and showing you improvements on graphs and other visuals online.

With the SE model, Nike is updating its product to work with a slew of smartphones that came out this year, including Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c. Alongside the SE, Nike is also planning to release a new set of apps for smartphones to track a user’s progress. Though Apple has been rumored to be working on an iWatch, there’s little indication of when we’ll see its release. Reports from earlier in the year pointed to a 2014 release date, though it seems  the product is a long way off as we have not yet seen leaks of any designs or prototypes. Either way, this will do for those who are focused on fitness and want a product that matches their needs until Apple decides to release its own  smart watch.

The Nike FuelBand SE will arrive on November 6th alongside a set of new smartphone applications.

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