Apple reduces iPhone 5c orders due to low demand

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iphone 5c ordersIt seems Apple may have made the wrong decision to launch two iPhone models recently, as one of them is reportedly doing a lot better than the other. The Wall Street Journal, citing reliable sources, reported that Apple has cut down its iPhone 5c orders from assemblers. This happens as retailers and telecom operators have reported low demand for the iPhone 5c since it was launched. Some of them even had to cut down the iPhone 5c prices to make the device more appealing to consumers.

Is this a bad thing for Apple? We can look at the situation at two angles. First, this means consumers—specifically those who are loyal to the iPhone—are buying the iPhone 5s instead of the iPhone 5c. In this case, Apple still wins—the lackluster performance of the iPhone 5c in the market pushes that of the iPhone 5s. However, it also suggests Apple made the wrong move by launching two iPhone models at the same time, and it could be a problem going forward as Apple rethinks its iPhone rollout strategy.

It’s worth considering, though, that the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s have not yet reached other countries. Apple might still be able to work wonders when it comes to the sales of the iPhone 5c in international markets, specifically those who will bundle the iPhone 5c at affordable packages to sell more units.

If you’re still undecided on which to buy, read our iPhone 5c review, and watch for our iPhone 5s review this weekend.

Via [Wall Street Journal]

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