Rumor: iPad mini 2 poses for the camera again

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Apple has officially announced an October 22nd media event at the Yerba Buena Arts Center in San Francisco, set to begin at 10:00am Pacific Time/ 1:00pm Eastern Time. The company is already setting up the Yerba Buena Arts Center for the much-awaited event where they’re expected to take the wraps off the highly anticipated iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.


We’ve seen so many rumors iPad lineup rumors that we can no longer count them. The tablets were spotted on several occasions, and we know more than we should about the tablet before its unveiling. Now, the iPad mini 2 has posed for the camera yet again, crushing the dreams of all the users who were expecting a fingerprint scanner in the miniature tablet. The freshly baked images show the normal home button without a Touch ID sensor, which could be fake—let’s just think positively and hope Apple includes this new security feature.


The upcoming iPad mini is also expected to feature a Retina display, although this has been debated by many since the device’s inception. If it does arrive, expect it to be available in limited quantities at launch—similar to the iPhone 5s. This would mean many users may have to retun home empty-handed in the holiday season as the supply may not be able to meet the demand. Some analysts even predict  the iPad mini 2 could oversell the next generation iPad 5 if the company manages to make enough units.

The iPad mini 2 is also rumored to feature an A7 processor, similar to the one that comes with the iPhone 5s. In addition, Apple is expected to give the camera an upgrade as well and include an 8MP camera in both the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.

I guess we’ll find out everything on Tuesday, when Apple is expected to unveil its upgraded iPad lineup as well as the next generation OS X Mavericks and Mac Pros. Let’s see what Apple has planned for us and if there are any surprises waiting for us at the Yerba Beuna Center.

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