Ærena: Clash of Champions to bring steampunk strategy to PC, Mac, iOS and Android

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Ærena: Clash of ChampionsÆrena: Clash of Champions is a turn-based strategy game pitting teams of gladiators against each other on airborne arenas. Customize your team with new gladiators with unique abilities and add support abilities to your ship to aid you in battle. The game features cross-platform gameplay across desktops, mobile devices, and browsers.

The world of Ærena: Clash of Champions was forever changed in 1913 with the discovery of Æther, a rare source of power that became the lifeblood of a new world. Developer Cliffhanger Productions describes the game as a “twisted reality of Tesla-meets-Dr. Frankenstein dieselpunk” where humanity has been driven to the edge of annihilation.

Ærena: Clash of Champions features:

  • Tactical, turn-based battles against live players or AI
  • Build your perfect team with new gladiators
  • Customize your ship’s abilities with Æther Shells won in battle
  • Create private tournaments of friends or compete in global competitions
  • PC, Mac, Android, and iOS all playing together. True cross-platform gameplay

Ærena: Clash of Champions is available now on Steam Early Access for PC and will soon be available for Mac, Android, and iOS. Learn more at Cliffhanger Productions Facebook page.

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