OS X Mavericks available today for free

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OS X Mavericks

Image via Engadget

Craig Federighi came on stage at Apple’s media event today to tell us about OS X Mavericks—the next version of Apple’s operating system which focuses on technologies, features, and apps.

One of the goals is to get more out of your laptop battery life. On a 13″ MacBook, you get an extra hour of web browsing and 1.5 hours of video playback just by installing Mavericks.

With compressed memory you can do more with the same amount of physical RAM. It automatically compresses inactive parts of your memory, which lets you fit 6GB of data in 4GB of memory. This means you can run more applications at the same time without the performance suffering.

Until now, the graphics card received a fixed amount of memory no matter what you’re doing. Mavericks will automatically reduce how much memory the graphics card is using, thus freeing it for other applications if it doesn’t need it. If you’re using a graphics intensive application, such as playing a game or watching videos, the graphics card will get more memory, which increases its performance. OpenCL also can shift tasks to the graphics card which can improve performance up to 1.8x.

OS X Mavericks

Photo via Engadget

Maps and iBooks are now available on OS X. You can drag pictures and text from iBooks or the finder to a Pages document. You can also set the tag on the document from within Pages. If someone shares an event with you, you can put it in your calendar, which connects to Maps automatically. It can tell you when you need to leave based on how you’re going to travel, and you can see the route in Maps with a click. You can drag and rotate the map and send the appointment to your iPhone.

Craig then briefly covered many other new features of OS X Mavericks, including sharing links in Safari with your friends, tagging files and folders in the Finder to easily find them, better support for multiple displays, websites can send notifications if you sign up for them, and you can respond to chats without stopping what you’re doing.

You can easily upgrade to OS X Mavericks at the Mac App store for free no matter what OS you’re currently using, even if it’s Snow Leopard, you can upgrade for free. Every Mac, both desktop and laptop, since 2007 can run it. Best of all it’s available today.

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