A look at Apple product naming and the iPad Air

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iPad Air

Apple’s long awaited October media event has come and gone, and now comes the wave of analysis on the features of the new iPad Air. Soon after that will come the reviews. However, this year’s iPad has to be looked at differently, because this is the first time the full-sized iPad has had its name changed, and the first time both the full-sized iPad and iPad mini have existed cohesively.

Apple had only one iPad model out in 2011, which Steve Jobs called “the year of iPad 2.” Fast forward one year, when Apple introduced two new models of the full-sized iPad and added an iPad mini in October. The iPad mini was thinner, lighter, and had a smaller bezel than the heavier and thicker iPad. Today, then, is the first time  the entire iPad line-up was streamlined with one design and the same internals. Apple’s iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina Display both pack the new A7 chip, a Retina Display, and the M7 motion co-processor. This has never happened in the history of the iPad line.

Something else we haven’t seen before is the name Apple has given the larger 9.7″ iPad. Apple is calling it the iPad Air, a name that was reserved for the Macbook line until now. Apple had never named an iPad model before, aside from the iPad mini, and now both have names. Sure, there was the iPad 2, but that was just numbering the order of the devices; this is the first time there has been a real name attached to this model.

That makes it much easier for customers to identify the different model instead of referring to it as the “third generation iPad, fourth generation iPad etc.” Apple has always been great with names, and the iPad Air is just another one in the many that are to come. Expect Apple to change the name of the iPhone very soon, as the numbering will get pretty ridiculous at “iPhone 6.”

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  • Truffol

    Number nomenclature makes sense when there’s only one variant in the entire lineup… Windows went all the way to Windows 8 and no one thinks it’s silly. However with the launch of the iPad Mini the iPad is now an entire family lineup. Hopefully the “Air” name is a subtle hint to a heavier and more powerful iPad variant in the future!