iPin Laser Presenter for iPhone now available

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iPin laserWhat’s the most obvious thing that your iPhone is missing? A laser, right? Well, now you can finally remedy this situation with the iPin Laser Presenter. It’s a tiny accessory that utilizes the headphone port to power a laser module. The iPin Laser Presenter is legitametly tiny, extending only 2mm out of the headphone port on your iPhone.

The iPin laser is a red laser with < 1mW of power,. You won’t be popping any balloons with this guy, but you can point at things.

The iPin Laser Presenter app is actually more than just a laser pointer on and off button. You can use it to control the mouse on your Mac or PC using WiFi, and controlling the laser pointer is as simple as downloading the iPhone app.

The iPin Laser Presenter is available now at Amazon, BestBuy, and other major retailers. For more information, visit

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