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Snap a picture with the iPhone 5s (or an older device you have), open it up Camera Plus, and your images will look instantaneously better. With Camera Plus for iOS, you can edit your images with high quality Focus Modes, adjust brightness by sliding across the camera field, and enhance every photo quickly with Pix’d.

It’s as powerful as a camera app can get, without complicating something as simple as creating a great photo.

What is it?

camera plus

Camera Plus for iOS is a camera app that lets you enhance the camera abilities of your iPhone without adding any hardware whatsoever. Simply open up the app and you can shoot images and edit your existing images to enhance the color, brightness, and overall quality of your images.

As the cameras on the iPhone improve, users always want the brightest and most detailed images, and that is what you get with features such as Lumy for taking front facing photos. Lumy allows you to slide and adjust the brightness of your photo instantly, without sacrificing any of the image’s quality.

How does it work?

Camera Plus controls are very easy to use and take advantage of the touchscreen of the iPhone. So, instead of simply adding a slew of buttons for activating different features, Camera Plus adds a slider for brightness, a bigger button that uses the entire screen for taking pictures, and even a tilt indicator.

After opening the app, it prompts you to grant it access to your photo library, which it uses to store your edited images and access other images that you may want to edit.

After selecting an image or opening the app, you have the option to select the  focus mode with a simple slide down the middle of the app. The three options includes Macro, Normal and Far (Macro is used in the image of the pencil below).

Camera Plus

After capturing an image, the app then lets you tweak the saturation, contrast, and temperature of the photo.

Camera Plus also lets you set the resolution at small, medium or large and to use the volume buttons to snap the image, and it features a built-in timer and burst mode.

Is it contagious?

I wouldn’t say a photo app like Camera Plus is “contagious,” but it will quickly become your go-to option for capturing great images. I tested Camera Plus on the iPhone 5s, so the images were already high quality before I used the app to edit them. With any camera from the iPhone 4 and beyond, your images will come out looking great with this app.

Ultimately, Camera Plus is a great editing application with more features than the many other competing camera applications in the App Store. This app improves on what your iPhone already offers, and lets you really control how you want your images to look, all the way down to the saturation and brightness. I do wish it let you natively snap pictures in square mode (like the iPhone does), but editing them from your camera roll before posting them to Instagram works just as well.

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  • Priyanka

    This app is really amazing, features of it looks interesting and really which can be used in real life. Is this app available on the Google play too? I’m curious to know and eager to use it on my Xperia P. Please let me know.