Esoterism announces iPhone 5s compatibility for case/bumper collections

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Estoterism’s product lineup continues to be my favorite iPhone 5 case/bumpers I’ve never actually used. Built not just for protection, Esoterism also considers environment, fashion trends, and “intimacy with the device” when designing their iPhone products. And now, iPhone 5s owners get to experience this aesthetic with the Embrace-5, Moat-5 and Challenge-5 collections.

From the press release:

Embrace-5 inherits the iF award-winning design from the family. The tool-less knob merits a mechanic watch’s classic aesthetic that brings out a sensational and convenient experience on a mobile accessory. The Embrace-5 is a premium product shaped and formed in every way that deserves your affection, stimulating inner emotions while preserving vintage elements of a great mechanical experience.

Moat-5 is originated to complement the slick and lightweight design of the iPhone 5s. The Moat-5 aluminum bumper is the lightest case Esoterism ever crafted at a mere 18 grams. Simply place your hands around the curvaceous and ergonomic construction to feel the desire of owning one.

Challenge-5, differently from Embrace-5 and Moat-5, is an iPhone 5s protective case crafted with hybrid materials of polycarbonate, rubber and carbon fiber, to add depth in appearance while greets functionality with style. The snap-on design features easy installation and removal, as well as an ergonomic grip and a sense of security in hands. The case is high impact-resistance with a strong impression to withstand tough environment while protecting your mobile on the go.

I had some hands-on time with Esoterism’s prodcuts at Macworld|iWorld 2013, where I selected the Embrace-5 as my favorite product of the show, stating, “Esoterism was showing off numerous accessories for the iPhone and iPad, but it’s their Embrace-5 Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5 that won me over by solving the most annoying problem with aluminum frame cases: no screws. … the cases look even better in real life than they do in their photos. A great product by a team that’s very passionate about their work.”

Take a look at the Esoterism website and you’ll see what I mean.

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