Indiegogo Find: The BluFit Smart Water Bottle

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The Smart Water brand of bottled water is gonna need a new name, because truly smart water is here. Currently running as an Indiegogo project, the BluFit Smart Water Bottle combines sensors, Bluetooth, and a smartphone app to both track your water consumption and remind you to stay on target for your daily hydration goals.

BluFit Smart Water

The project is almost half way to its funding target, and has about 12 days left to make it to that goal.

Not a Drop to Drink

Proper hydration is important in all situations, not just when you’re working out or doing heavy activity. To help you stay hydrated, the BluFit combines a variety of sensors and motivation aids such as flashing lights and alerts on the water bottle itself. The sensors communicate with the BluFit app, which integrates information regarding your age, your weight, the environmental humidity, and your personal hydration goals. As you drink water, a water sensor in the BluFit records that action, and the app keeps track of how much water you’ve consumed. If you start to fall behind on your hydration goals, the BluFit’s built-in light and speaker give you visual and audio alerts reminding you to hydrate.

BluFit Smart Water

The BluFit itself is a 32 oz. glass bottle, so no need to worry about nasty chemicals like phthalates or BPA. The cap houses the hardware, including the Bluetooth chip, water sensor, and even a small amount of memory so the BluFit can keep track of your water consumption even when your phone is out of range. There’s a battery in the cap as well, which is good for approximately 7-10 days of use, and is rechargeable via a built-in USB plug. The bottle is fitted with a silicone sleeve for grip, and has an ergonomic shape that should be easy to hold for a variety of hand sizes.

Perk Up

OleoApps (the team behind the BluFit) is offering a variety of perks at different funding levels. The main difference between funding levels is the number of BluFits you receive, including:

  • $59: One BluFit smart water bottle with your choice of a blue/black/pink silicone sleeve
  • $110: Two BluFit bottles, your choice of colors
  • $200: Four BluFit bottles, your choice of colors
  • $2,000: 50 BluFit bottles, your choice of colors. Likely good for a promotional branding, sports club, or for the chronically forgetful who lose water bottles frequently.

Most of these don’t run out or expire, so they’re still available, but keep in mind the funding closes in just twelve days. If you’re interested in smartening up your hydration regiment, head over to the BluFit website, and be sure to check out the BluFit Indigogo campaign and back the project.

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