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All right, squids, drop the number 2s and grab your iDevice—it’s time for some old school naval warfare. No, really; Battleship: The Tactical Game for iPhone and iPod touch is like the version you used to play in school, but with ads instead of the grumpy study hall teacher telling you to knock it off.

What is it?

Battleship: The Tactical GameBattleship: The Tactical Game is a video game adaptation of the paper and pencil version of Battleship. If you never played the graphite version of the game, you place your ships on a grid and take turns placing mines. Unlike the Parker Brothers game, you don’t get to keep track of which mines hit and which mines miss. There are representations on your screen which show the square where hits occur and in which turn they happened, so you can use some Minesweeper deduction to figure out where on the grid your hits landed.

How does it work?

You tap and swipe to place mines, while a tap of the green arrow (bottom right) commits your selections. The game does come with a handy, nine step tutorial to explain your options (although some of the text isn’t visible—margin oopsie?). The graphics are a whimsical take on school notebook scribbles while the sounds and music provide pleasant background noise.

Is it contagious?

Battleship: The Tactical GameI never actually played the pencil and paper version, but it is easy to get used to and a bit more challenging than the Parker Brothers game. It may be a bit of the same thing with every round, but it is still a fun distraction. Overall, the game is simple and well done with enough thinking required to keep the player engaged.

Category: Games
Seller: Pap-Zoltan
Cost: Free, with in-app purchases
Download: Battleship: The Tactical Game

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