Smith Micro’s Poser 10 for OS X review

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Smith Micro’s Poser 10 takes 3D animation to a whole new level, offering extreme detail, accuracy, and an amazing set of tools to create 3D humans, animals and many other figures. Poser 10 gives digital artists and animators everything they need to create high resolution and full 3D animations of humans, animals and a number of cartoon figures. The software is powerful because of the magnitude of detail it provides when designing the 3D animations.

Poser 10 review

After downloading and opening the application, you start off with a basic model of a human skeleton that allows you to add a face, clothes, and other human characteristics. Poser gives you all of the pieces you need to design the skeleton (named “Andy” in the application).

Power 10 library

On the right side of the user interface is a Library that shows all of the pre-designed models you can use. In these models, there are a number of different things to choose from, including animals, trees, and other humans. It is also interesting to note that upon initial installation, the app provides you the option to download other pre-made model packs that give you other types of models with different clothing options, faces, hair, trees, and animals. I really liked playing around with some of the animal options (though I’m sure dinosaurs don’t really count in that category).

Downloading, starting up and setting up “Andy” wasn’t too hard, and I think that Poser took an excellent approach to designing the application. I say this because I looked at other 3D animation applications after I began using this one, and they were quite complex, requiring you to have pre-existing knowledge about 3D animation.

After spending a few more hours with the application, I found Poser was very precise and detailed when designing the face of some of the humans and animals. For “Andy,” and some of the other human 3D models, Poser allows you to upload your own custom faces and even allows you to change many aspects of the faces. I was able to edit the cheekbones, shape the forehead, resize the ears, and adjust the nose. That made the 3D animation very realistic, in that it gave me the power to literally change the look of some of the animations.

Power 10 review

Power 10 review

I had never had any prior experience with 3D animation applications before this review, and Poser really simplified the process for me. As a result, my analysis of the application is from the perspective of someone who is using this software for the first time. That goes to show it really is very easy to pick up the different features of the software and navigate it.

Poser 10 worked excellently, and the 4GB RAM and the processor on my desktop computer (which I mainly use for gaming) really allowed it to run the application without any setbacks.

I do think Smith Micro could have made some minor improvements to the application, including an improved “camera.” In animation, camera is the angle from which you are looking. The camera control really doesn’t allow you to easily move around the model, and for a 3D animation creator, you really expect it to cover all angles quickly and efficiently. Instead, I had to rely on a circle button, and a series of of up/down and left/right buttons on the right side of the screen that limited me to a vertical and horizontal axis, despite being able to spin all around the model.

Ultimately, I enjoyed using Poser 10, and I think beginners who are looking to start off will be able to pick this up very quickly. However, for more advanced animations, Poser wouldn’t be my first choice as a beginner (for that, users may want to consider Poser Pro 2014). For more simple animations, however, Poser 10 does an excellent job. And with the pre-loaded models, it simplifies the design process.

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Poser 10 review

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Provides: 3D animation and illustration tools for digital artists, animators, and 3D modeling enthusiasts
Format: DVD or digital download
Developer: Smith Micro
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8, 1.5 GHz Intel Core processor (Core 2 Duo or faster recommended), 1 GB system RAM (4 GB or more recommended), OpenGL enabled graphics card or chipset recommended (recent NVIDIA GeForce OR ATI Radeon required for advanced real-time preview features), 24-bit color display, 1440 x 900 minimum resolution, 3 GB free hard disk space (6 GB recommended), DVD-ROM drive (physical product only), Internet connection required for Content Paradise, Adobe® Flash® Player 11 or newer
Review Computer: 3.0 GHz HP Pavilion Slimline s5310y, 4GB 1333 with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM, NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE
Price: $299.99 (digital download on sale for $100.20 until October 31, 2013)
Availability: Out now

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