X-Doria Rapt iPhone 5c case review

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X-Doria Rapt iPhone 5c case

Okay, it’s time we get these iPhone 5c case reviews rolling. The phone has been out for about a month now, and we’ve been putting a lot of cases through their paces since the day my wife’s iPhone 5c was delivered to our door. The first we received was the X-Doria Rapt iPhone 5c case, so that seems the perfect place to start. It also helps that it’s one of the better ones we’ve tried out.

X-Doria Rapt iPhone 5c caseThe Rapt is a hard polycarbonate shell with a duotone criss-cross pattern on the back. Whether you get the pink/fuchsia, black/gray or dark blue / light model, you’ll get a nice texture that makes for a solid grip when texting or playing games. You may not, however, get great color matches for your iPhone 5c. Black will work with pretty much anything, but those of you with the yellow or green iPhone 5c may be out of luck here.

Although this is a hard polycarbonate case, it uses soft rubber in the areas that matter: the volume buttons, power button, and the bottom for your Lightning connector and headphones. All provide easy access to the necessary ports, and the soft rubber makes for good spots to loosen the case when taking it off. Because the bottom rubber isn’t very thin, however, you won’t be able to dock your iPhone 5c when it’s in the Rapt case.

X-Doria Rapt iPhone 5c case

On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about scuffs and scratches on the protected areas, and the screen gets some protection, too, as the edges wrap up over top to keep it lifted from surfaces. And although there’s not a lot of shock absorption, your iPhone 5c should be protected from minor drops thanks to the polycarbonate construction.

X-Doria Rapt iPhone 5c case

The biggest drawback to the X-Doria Rapt, then, is that it hides your iPhone’s color and pretty much takes over the design. We’re all used to that with our iPhone cases, but it kind of defeats the point of getting an iPhone 5c. Beyond that, though, the Rapt does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and will likely become one of your favorite iPhone 5c cases, too.

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X-Doria Rapt for iPhone 5c review

Buy the X-Doria Rapt for iPhone 5c

Provides: Scuff/scratch and basic drop protection
Developer: X-Doria
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5c
Price: $24.99
Availability: Now

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