Supply of iPad mini with Retina display may not meet demand

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iPad mini with Retina display

When Apple unveiled the long-rumored iPad Mini with Retina display at a press event last week, the company failed to mention any exact launch date, stating it will be available “later in November.”

If you remember, analysts predicted the supply of the iPad mini will be contrained, especially at launch. It looks like they were correct, as Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned during the earnings call yesterday that  “… it’s not clear if we’ll have enough …” stock for the iPad mini with Retina display when it launches. It seems it will face the same supply issues faced by the iPhone 5s, which is still in short supply with a shipment date of 2-3 weeks on the Apple store.

Additionally, Cook mentioned that he expects the iPad Air opening weekend sales to be strong, and said, “It’s not clear that everyone who wants one will be able to find one.” He also mentioned it’s the best iPad the company created so far, but we’ll find that out once it’s available.

Either way, we’ll see how strong the demand is when iPad Air hit the shelves this Friday. Apple has yet to reveal an exact launch date for the iPad mini with Retina display, but we expect the “end of November” announcement to be accurate.

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