Apple posts job listings to improve transit directions in Maps app

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Apple’s Maps app has been a failure since launch, prompting CEO Tim Cook to apologize for it and even offered up other map apps with transit directions that worked better. Since then, the Maps application has had even more issues, but Apple has been working on fixing them by acquiring a number of transit mapping companies such as Embark and HopStop.

Now, Apple has posted job listings for a Maps Public Transit Engineering Manager and a Public Transit Software Engineer that will help the company improve a transit routing platform. With these job listings and the company’s recent acquisitions, Apple is trying to improve its own Maps application with transit directions with subway, bus, train, taxi, walking and biking directions. Right now, the app simply links to the Google Maps application when it is prompted to search for transit directions.

Apple has a lot to do in order to regain the Maps users that it lost, but some of the improvements that we’ve been seeing should make this Maps app one of the best. Embark has excellent transit mapping solutions, and even offers times for the subway in New York City. If Apple was to incorporate that into iOS, it would be adding in a very powerful tool for its customers to use.

Via [MacRumors]

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