Check out these iPhone 6 concept images [gallery]

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iphone 6 concept images

It’s been just over a month since Apple unveiled it’s “forward thinking” iPhone 5s, and already people are thinking forward to the iPhone 6. Rumors have already surfaced that Apple is testing iPhones with a larger display, possibly between 4.8 to 6 inches.

Now, a mechanical engineering student named Nikola Cirkovic has created a number of concept designs of what he thinks the iPhone 6 could look like. The designs contain the look of iPhone 5S with thinner bezels and a bigger screen. The bezels shown in the concepts may be impossible to manufacture, but the designs look pretty good nonetheless.

The gallery shows the concept images in gray and white color. Here are some concept images.

What do you think about these concept images? Do you think there is any chance we might see something like this? There’s still a lot of time before we see the new iPhone, and we’re going to get a whole bunch of new rumors and concept designs during the next 10 months.

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