The top 5 Movember moustache apps

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By now, you’re all aware of Movember, right? As an organization, it’s a global charity that raises funds and awareness to combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges. As a movement, it’s a chance for men around the world to grow a moustache once a year without catching flack from the women in their life. If you’re participating (as I am), here are my top five Movember moustache apps to keep you looking awesome as you help the cause.

5. Mustache Wisdom
Developer: American Greetings
Price: Free

Moustaches develop their own personalities, of course, and different personalities offer different advice. As such, if you were seeking wisdom, would you go to a pirate ‘stache or a flavor savor ‘stache for advice? With Mustache Wisdom, you won’t have to choose.

Mustache Wisdom

Select your moustache, ask it a yes or no question, then heed its every word. Or don’t. If you don’t like the answer, you can always just pick another moustache, making it much more useful than that Magic 8 Ball ever was. It’s not like you could just move on to the 6 or the cue ball if you didn’t like its answer, proving yet again that moustaches > billiards. Thank you, Moustache Wisdom!

4. FX Photo Studio
Developer: MacPhun
Price: Currently free with in-app purchases (normally $2.99)

What’s the point in growing a moustache if you’re not going to share it with the world? Letting your friends, family and fellow Mo Bros around the world see it is key to raising money, and FX Photo Studio makes this very easy to do.

FX Photo Studio

With nearly 200 effects that will look as good on your moustache as they do on hot air balloons, you’re bound to find a color tone that suits your mood for the day. And when you’ve got the look you want, FX Photo Studio lets you share it directly with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram, or you can mail it, print it or create a post card. (Having a great time on Kirk’s upper lip. Food’s great. Wish you were here.)

Go ahead and grab FX Photo Studio while it’s free, and see if your moustache looks as good in sepia as it does in glorious color.

3. Bucket Dan the Moustache Man
Developer: zemaGamez
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

This game isn’t going to help your moustache at all, but it will keep you entertained as you sit around growing it, and could serve as inspiration (Bucket Dan’s moustache is of legend).

When twin brothers are separated by their love of facial hair, a rivalry of timeless proportions is born. Stan, in full bearded glory, attempts to tear the city apart. Dan, with epic moustache power, is all that stands between Stan and certain destruction …

You go, Dan! And what’s more, zemaGamez even has a Movember Madness in-app purchase available for $1.99. That alone justifies years of annoying in-app purchases.

Bucket Dan the Moustache Man

If you can’t get enough of Bucket Dan the Moustache Man, a sequel is available. Re-harness the power of the moustache!

2. BoothStache
Developer: PiVi & Co.
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Early in Movember, you’re faced with the critical choice of what type of moustache you want to grow. The trucker? Boxcar? Connoiseur? It’s a difficult decision, and one you don’t want to make lightly. If you’d like to see how the various styles will look on your ruggedly handsome mug, BoothStache is here to help.


There are dozens of these apps that allow you to take a picture and superimpose a moustache on it, but BoothStache may provide the best results. Add your moustache, share it with friends, and get their opinion on which style looks best. They’re the ones who’ll be looking at it all month, after all.

1. Movember Mobile
Developer: Movember
Price: Free

Obviously, this is your Movember Headquarters. Monitor your news feeds, track your donations, thank those who have helped the cause, check the leaderboard and team stats, and much more. There’s some fun stuff to do here, though, too.


With the Movember app, you can take a picture of your moustache each day to track its journey into manhood (they provide a template so you can line up the shot the same each time). You can also check out various moustache sytles and learn how much upkeep they’ll require, and you can deck out your iPhone with campaign-themed wallpapers.

These apps should cary you triumphantly through the month, and beyond. If you’d like to contribute to the men’s cancer cause, visit my Mo Space at to donate or, better yet, sign up to participate. I’m on Team Wild Mo Bros, so if Minnesota hockey isn’t your thing, just search for a team that’s more your style. Doesn’t matter through whom you donate, just as long as you do.

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