WaterField Designs Staad backpack review

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WaterField Designs Staad backpack

WaterField Designs has introduced yet another successful line of premium products for Apple’s premium devices. The Staad backpack is a one-of-a-kind bag, made with extremely high quality materials and assembled with fine craftsmanship. It comes in tan waxed-canvas or black ballistic color options, and offers customers the choice of black, chocolate or grizzly premium leather for the flap of the bag. Whichever color you choose, the Staad goes with almost any kind of office clothing, but also works great for when you dress casually as well.

The Staad BackPack offers an excellent solution for carrying a 13″ MacBook (Staad Slim) or a 15″ MacBook (Staad Stout) along with an iPad, the chargers for your MacBook, and any documents or magazines you might want to carry with you.


WaterField designed the Staad for people to be able to go to work and meetings with a stylish (and appropriate) bag to carry all of their belongings. The bag has a tapered top so no matter what you put inside, it doesn’t appear to be very bulky. This is very useful for the Stout version, which is the one that I received for review. The Stout version is slightly larger than the Slim, offering a bit more space for your device and any other items you take to the office on a daily basis.

WaterField Designs Staad backpack

The flap on top of the bag is made of very high quality leather (available in black, chocolate or grizzly color options), and the body of the bag is made out of either tan waxed-canvas or black ballistic. The Stout bag I received for review had the Black leather with the black ballistic, which made it look like I was going to work as a spy (but a classy spy).

In the product video, Gary enthusiastically speaks about the clasp of the Staad bag, which is a Vintage WWII-era buckle. It makes the opening and closing of the bag much easier, as it opens with a simple pull as opposed to the usual two-button press, and goes back into place with a satisfying click.


WaterField Designs Staad backpack

Within the first day of using the bag, I knew that it was going to permanently replace the backpack that I use. Since I’ve started using it, I began carrying my laptop a lot more because of how the Staad holds the laptop closer to your back. When something heavier is flat up against your back, it feels much lighter and easier to carry. The slots on the bag are designed in an excellent way, with the MacBook going in closest to your back, then the iPad, and lastly, any light items in the front. Not only does this make carrying easier, it organizes all of my stuff so I don’t have to rummage around to find something.

My favorite part of Staad is probably the materials Waterfield uses in its construction. The leather and the canvas easily make it one of the highest quality bags in the market now, and the design, coupled with some of the convenient features such as the side pockets for an iPhone or wallet and the WWII style buckle, make it easy to get my stuff out on the go.


Waterfield’s Staad BackPack is a winner, offering customers an excellent design, high quality materials, the perfect size(s) and yet another product designed/manufactured right here in the United States. I’ve used this bag indoors, outdoors in the wind and rain, and when traveling, and I have absolutely no complaints (and I usually do for most products I review). It seems that WaterField Designs has introduced yet another successful product.

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WaterField Designs Staad backpack review

Buy the WaterField Designs Staad backpack

Provides: Laptap and tablet storage, transportation and protection
Developer: WaterField Designs
Minimum Requirements: 13″ (Slim) or 15″ (Stout) MacBook
Price: Slim Staad BackPack -$319.00; Stout Staad BackPack- $329.00
Availability: Now

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