Moshi iGlaze Remix iPhone 5c case review

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Let’s say you greatly enjoy the idea behind the colorful iPhone 5c, but you don’t like the color. Or maybe someone got you the wrong color. Or maybe you just want a decent case and you don’t care at all about color. If so, the Moshi iGlaze Remix iPhone 5c case will be happy to give your iPhone 5c a new identity, in a rather demanding way.

Moshi iGlaze Remix for iPhone 5c

We’ll get to the colors in a minute. I first want to point out that the hybrid material of the iGlaze provides slim, but solid protection for your iPhone 5c. The somewhat flexible inner shell is treated with a hard coating that provides an extra layer of protection, while also giving the case its shiny, plastic sheen.

The softer black material protects the top, bottom and volume button / mute switch area on its own, and also provides a nice contrast to the case’s bright color. All of the buttons are easily accessible, and the edges rise a little above the screen to keep it off of surfaces. However, the full bottom protection means you likely won’t be able to dock your iPhone with third-party accessories while it’s in the iGlaze Remix.

Moshi iGlaze Remix for iPhone 5c

Back to the colors, they couldn’t be any different from Apple’s choices. The pink is softer than Apple’s, the blue and yellow are deeper and richer. The white is…well, it’s white. Then you’ve got a bright red option to shift from what Apple offers. I’m surprised Moshi didn’t choose to break further from Apple’s colors, offering orange, purple and the like.

Moshi iGlaze Remix for iPhone 5c

No matter the color you go with, the shiny exterior will reflect fingerprints and smudges quite clearly. However, they’re easily wiped clear.

So, it’s a good case; nice fit, and great protection. The colors look fine on the phone. But I imagine most people bought the iPhone 5c specifically for the colors Apple provided, and those are pretty much gone once they’re under the iGlaze Remix. That’s going to be an issue with a lot of the iPhone 5c case options, though, so if you’re good with it, so are we.

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Moshi iGlaze Remix iPhone 5c case review

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Provides: Scuff/scratch and basic drop protection
Developer: Moshi
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5c
Price: $30.00
Availability: Now

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