iHome iDL100 triple charging stereo FM clock radio dock review

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Home's iDL100 Dual Charging dock

Do you have an iPhone or iPad with Lightning connectors and nowhere to charge both at once? Do you have a stray iPhone or iPod with a 30-pin connector that you can’t charge without way too many wires? iHome’s iDL100 Dual Charging dock aims to solve all those problems, and does so in a stylish, sleek and very functional manner.

The product—an update of iHome’s iD99 dock from a few years ago—is an alarm clock with a pair of Lightning docks on top that can be used for two devices at once, whether an iPhone and iPad, two iPhones, or iPods, too. In addition, the iDL100 adds a USB port in the back, in case you wish to plug in an old 30-pin or even a non-Apple device for charging.

I have an iPhone 5s and my wife has a 5c—both with Lightning connectors—and we have a third-generation iPad with the 30-pin connector. In addition, we still use our old iPhones as iPods, and there’s a stray iPod or two around the house as well. The dock allows us to charge three things at once, which certainly comes in handy with multiple devices.

In addition, there’s an AM/FM radio with 6 preset stations and full alarm clock functionality. There’s also a nifty trick in which the clock on the unit syncs with that of the device that’s plugged into it. Not only does this cut down on different clocks not matching each other, but it was one less clock to change on daylight savings time.

It’s also portable. We haven’t taken it on a trip yet but probably will someday.

Often these days, between the rise of Bluetooth and Airplay streaming and leftover confusion from the 30-pin/Lightning switch, it seems like the iOS dock is becoming a thing of the past. But with the iDL100, iHome has clearly come up with a winner.

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iHome iDL100 review
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Developer: iHome
Compatibility: Any Lightning compatible Apple iDevice or USB device
Price: $149.99
Availability: Now

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