Some iOS 8 concept images. What do you think?

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As I’ve said here at AppleTell, there’s never an end to (or even a break from) Apple rumors and predictions. The other day, we posted some iPhone 6 concept images. Now, less than two months after the release of iOS 7, some designers have put together concept images of what they’d like to see in iOS 8.

There’s no denying that iOS 7 has been the biggest change to Apple’s mobile OS, with revamped icons and a new interface. As with every new operating system, there is still a room for improvement, and Apple may release more updates in the future to make sure that iOS 7 is free of bugs with more features. However, this doesn’t mean the compahy will not release a successor to iOS 7, which it could launch with the likely iPhone 6 next year.

Anyway, lets just forget all the talking and take a look at some of the concept images of an iOS 8 homescreen designed by Sangam Bhandari. The images center around a revamped home screen , showing touches of iOS 7 with a totally new interface for power users, which also includes the toggles from the control center as well. Check it out below, and share you thoughts in the comments section.

iOS 8 concept image

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  • OObgular

    It would be a good lockscreen, but I wouldn’t want all that on my homescreen. In my opinion, it should be kept to an app launcher. Maybe a couple widgets, but nothing that drastic.