Apple adding suppliers to boost iPhone 5s availability

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iPHone 5s

Apple released the next-generation iPhone 5s almost two months back, but it’s still a little hard to find. The online store still shows a shipment date of 2-3 weeks after an order has been placed…but it seems that things might change in the near future.

A new report from WSJ suggests Apple is adding more companies to its supply chain to handle the production of the iPhone 5c as well as the iPad mini. One of the companies, Wistron, is expected to begin production of the iPhone 5c later this year, with the other, Compal Communications, likely to start manufacturing the iPad mini next year (although sources familiar with the matter say no order has been placed).

Wistron and Compal will join the existing suppliers: Foxconn and Pegatron. By shifting iPhone 5c and iPad mini production to the new suppliers, Foxconn will be able to focus on the production of the next-generation iPhone 5s.

The report didn’t mention which version of the tablet will be manufactured by Compal Communications, but the answer to that question is pretty obvious: iPad Mini with Retina display. The tablet is expected to be in short supply for the holiday season, and even Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned at the earnings call that Apple may not have enough iPad minis during the holiday season. That depends on the demand, of course, and we’re not sure how high that will be, but many market watchers believe it will be more popular than the iPad Air.

Via [AppleInsider]

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