Apple orders site to shut down iPhone 5s stock tracking service

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We recently wrote up Apple-Tracker, a site which helps potential buyers to find out if Apple retail stores have iPhone 5s stock. The website allows users to specify their zip code and find out if any model or color of iPhone 5s is available for in-store pickup near their location. Apple-Tracker added the new iPad Air to the service, and was preparing to track iPad Mini with Retina available in the market.


That won’t happen now, as the iPhone 5S stock tracking website has been shut down. The owner of the site posted a message explaining that he received a takedown notice from Apple. The owner also posted a small, nice good-bye, along with the DMCA notice he received from Apple. Mordy Tikotzky (the owner of the website) has no intention to fight Apple, and he’s going to shut down the site.

I’ve decided to turn off the site. I’m not doing this because I want to, but rather because I received a DMCA takedown notice (you can see the full text below) from Apple. I’m not really interested in picking a fight with Apple so….. I guess it’s time to just say good bye. Before I go though I just wanted to says thanks to all of you for the nice comments and emails that you’ve sent in the last few weeks. It was fun while it lasted.

You can check out the complete DMCA notice sent to Mordy at the Apple-tracker website. I guess it’s time to say good-bye to the service, but it did a very nice job in helping users find an iPhone 5s. Now, we’ll have to check the nearest Apple retail location every alternate day to find the iPhone 5s or check the online Apple Store Personal Pickup service.

Via [MacRumors]

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