Freeform3 Gorilla Protection Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5S/5C/5 review

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Freeform3 has developed a really nice tempered glass screen protector for the current iPhone 5 series lineup, called the Gorilla Protection Glass Screen Protector. They claim it provides high durability, crystal clear optics, and minimal thickness to not add any bulk to the phone, all at an affordable price.

Gorilla Protection Glass Screen Protector

Let’s see how easy is it to apply and how it holds up to daily use.


The Gorilla Protection Glass Screen Protector is made of real glass and tempered to a hardness of 9H. A rating of 10 is equal in hardness to that of a diamond, so this protector is really tough. The edges are beveled for a smooth feel to the touch, and its 0.55mm thickness does not add any bulk to the iPhone.


When you get the protector from Freeform3, you get a foam padded box that contains the protector, Home button stickers, a microfiber cloth, and a dust/lint remover.


The protector uses an adhesive for a dry installation—no need to spray anything down or deal with millions of tiny air bubbles or potential water damage to the iPhone.

Because the protector is made of glass, it will be slightly thicker than the typical film protectors.  Therefore, Freeform3 provided several Home button stickers that can be placed over the actual Home button to raise the surface to be flush with the surface of the protector. I found no need for the sticker and have no problems using the Home button. Leaving the sticker off the Home button actually makes tactile feel for the location of the button easier when not looking at your iPhone.

To install the protector, first you use the microfiber to clean the front of the iPhone. After cleaning the screen, use the dust/lint remover by peeling off the adhesive side and applying onto the screen surface. You then use the tab to pull the remover which will take any remaining pieces of dust and lint off the screen. Finally, you peel back and apply the protector onto the screen. It’s very simple and easy to line up and install.

Real World Use

There are only two cutouts on the protector: one for the Home button and one for the ear speaker. The protector, because it’s optically clear glass, covers over the front facing camera, but will not distort or impair the image. The surface is silky smooth, but it will attract smudges and smears like the regular screen. Because of the clarity, it is also equally reflective, although not as much as the normal screen due to a high contrast coating applied to the surface.

I’ve had the Gorilla Protection Glass Screen Protector from Freeform3 on my iPhone for several weeks. During that time, it’s seen a fair share of coat and pants pocket travels, and was even dropped once (although onto carpet). There’s no scratch to be found…even when in my pants pocket with change. There is one tiny air bubble towards the middle of the screen, but when the iPhone is turned on, you can’t see it.


Freeform3 says the Gorilla Protection Glass Screen Protector can be removed and reapplied, something most other hard screen protectors can’t claim. I’ve chosen to leave it alone and not tempt fate.


The Gorilla Protection Glass Screen Protector from Freeform3 offers high quality protection to the screen of your iPhone 5S/5C/5 at an affordable price. It’s easy to install. The beveled edges and rounded corners fit the screen perfectly and offer a smooth feel when using the iPhone. I’ve had no problems in using many different cases with this screen protector installed. This is highly recommended for great protection for your iPhone.

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Freeform3 Gorilla Protection Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5S/5C/5 review

Buy the Gorilla Protection Glass Screen Protector

Provides: Scuff/scratch screen protection
Developer: Freeform3
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5s/5c/5
Price: $27.99
Availability: Now

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  • Truffol

    If this really is an accessory that could save you the troubles of replacing a broken screen at the Apple store for $150 then it’s a good buy! 9H is very high level of hardness. Intuition tells me it might shatter when you remove it though; let’s hope that’s not the case.

  • Raymond

    Screen protectors like the sapphire ones are a must for any smartphone, tablet, etc! ZAGG, Stealth Lite, Rhino and 3M screen protectors are awesome. If you can’t get your hands on one, get a GEARMAXX screen protector. They sell on ebay for cheap and are as high quality and durable!

  • sunny

    Is this really made of Corning Gorilla glass? Nowhere on their site or this article does it say that. Also, as far as I know, the world Gorilla, is a registered trademark of Corning corporation. Just saying. I think Zeos is the only screen protector in the market that makes screen protectors with real Corning Gorilla glass. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks. Just my 2 cents here.

  • Paul Gazella

    Nowhere in my review did I ever mention that this product was made of Corning’s Gorilla Glass. They only use the word “Gorilla” in the name of their product. The glass is tempered with the hardness of 9H. If you look on the rating scale, it falls between the toughness of a Topaz (8H) and a Diamond (10H). Corning’s Gorilla Glass also has the same rating of 9H.