Boost Mobile offers iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c discount

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iphone 5s and iphone 5c

Yesterday, Boost Mobile began carrying the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. For a limited time, the Sprint subsidiary will be selling the iPhone 5s for $549 for the 16GB version—$100 less than its official retail price of $649. But there’s more, as Boost Mobile is offering an extra $100 discount to those who switch from any other carrier. This will bring the price of the iPhone 5s down to $449.99, while the mid-tier iPhone 5c will set you back by $349.99.

The promotion runs through November 24th, and has been confirmed by a PR rep to the folks at 9to5Mac, who told them, “Yes. Now through Nov. 24 new customers who come into a participating Boost Mobile store and switch to Boost Mobile from another carrier will be eligible for a special in-store promotion of $100 off any device bringing new customers  additional cost savings.”

The handset will run on Boost Mobile’s $55 monthly plan that gives users unlimited text, calls and data. However, data will be throttled once the user reaches the fair usage policy cap of 2.5GB in a given month.

There should be plentiful supply of iPhone 5c, but we’re not sure about the availability of the iPhone 5s. The current supply situation is not good for that model. Rumors have it Apple has added extra suppliers to manufacture iPhone 5c and iPad Mini with Retina display so Foxconn can focus on producing the high-end model.

In addition to Boost Mobile, US Cellular is now also carrying both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

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