Tim Cook’s leadership means a more responsible Apple [updated]

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The Tim Cook era at Apple has quickly become one of the more responsible eras the company has ever seen. That’s not meant to disrespect the late Steve Jobs, but he did bring his famous “reality distortion” when calling the shots. Jobs often ran things exactly the way he wanted them to, and Apple executives didn’t have an immense amount of power despite their ability to roles in making decisions on hardware design, software design, and product engineering. Under Cook, we have seen an impressive amount of responsibility in all areas of the company, including managing new hires, releasing products, and releasing timely software updates.

Let’s have a closer look at some examples that show this responsibility.

Apple Hiring

In terms of hiring, Cook picked up Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to become Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores. Ahrendts will now be heading the company’s entire retail operation, something former retail chief Ron Johnson and John Browett were unable to do. With the hiring of Ahrendts, Tim Cook is showing the world that he is responsible enough to select someone who he knows can get the job done and will dedicate many years to the company.

Apple Product Releases

Aside from Cook’s hiring choices, the company has been extremely efficient with its product releases. Suddenly, Apple’s device lineup is in perfect order. There is now a synchronized Macbook lineup with two sizes of Retina Macbook Pros and two Macbook Airs. The iPhone lineup now also offers customers a choice between two devices, and the iPad lineup now has the same design. Apple is making sure its devices get released in the right manner, and is making excellent choices in releasing them at different points throughout the year. Sure, we’ve had more product leaks than ever, but Apple seems to be following through with all of the leaked products we see.

Apple Software Updates

Last but not least, Apple is very much on top of software updates. The company released iOS 7 in late September with the new iPhones, and soon after, released the new iPads, Macbook Pros, and OS X Mavericks. Since the OS X Mavericks release, Apple has released an update for iBooks for Mac and GarageBand for Mac, and has been rumored to be internally testing two new OS X Mavericks updates.

Apple is really working hard on reducing the amount of bugs and performance issues in both iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, especially because both of these are more extensive updates than normal. Under Tim Cook’s leadership, Apple is extremely responsible and is doing things a bit differently from how they were done under Steve Jobs. Both CEOs have been excellent leaders, but Cook is little bit more open and clear with customers, and is running a really responsible company.

[Update: Corrected Angela Ahrendts former company to Burberry.]

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  • Kyle Canlin

    Angela Ahrendts was CEO of Burberry, not Blackberry.