Blackberry Meltdown at Funny or Die

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Remember when people were calling Blackberries “crackberries” because they couldn’t put them down? Now no one wants to pick them up. As such, the folks at Funny or Die have put together this video of the last employee at Blackberry, who just happens to be Dave Foley having a “Blackberry Meltdown!” The video starts out with him selling Blackberry’s latest product—iPhones found in ex-employee desks—and it just goes south from there.

Note that this is not safe for work…unless you work at Blackberry and there’s no one around to here it.

Now, let it be known I’m not posting this here because I have anything against Blackberry. I never had any interest in them, but I never had any malice towards them, either. However, I’m a fan of Dave Foley. Dude’s funny, and the idea of a Blackberry employee selling used iPhones before the doors shut is sadly comical. Kind of like the idea of a doctor admitting he “… never got the feel of the whole ‘healing the sick’ thing.”

Anyway, take heart Blackberry employees; looks like there’ll be work in the BBM department for a while.

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