GameAgent gets update, is wowed by your talent

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Mac gamers, did you even know you have professional representation? You do! It’s at, and it’s been updated with a new look and new features to help you keep track of your gaming career.

GameAgent, of course, gives Mac gamers all the information they could need to keep their mouse and WASD keys busy. Learn about new games available, find out if your system can handle them, and purchase the downloads in one handy place. With the update, the site has been rearranged to bring the important stuff front and center. The latest gaming news, releases and deals instantly accessible, making the site a valuable place to visit even when you’re not actively searching a particular game.


Registered users will have access to new Dashboard page to keep track of what they do on the site, along with a simplified Wish List that monitors games in which you’re interested and lets you know when deals are announced. The holidays are coming up, after all, so this a great way to not only let your friends and relatives know which games you want, but also to help them know which games are compatible with your system in case they have some ideas of their own. has also been updated with back end changes to speed up the site and region detection to help with local pricing. And although staff picks remains (now called Our Favorites), User Collections and User Reviews have been removed, at least for now. Imagine that…user removes not being tremendously helpful.

If you haven’t set up a GameAgent account (and we recommend you do), now’s the time to head in and put the site to work for you. If it helps to name it Morty and explain that you’re a triple threat now that you’ve learned to do the robot, we’re cool with that. Mac gaming sure beats waiting tables.

Visit, or check learn more about the updates at the GameAgent blog.

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