The GIMP bails Windows installers out of SourceForge

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With Adobe, Inc. having migrated its category-defining Photoshop bitmap image editor software and the rest of its erstwhile Creative Suite applications to a subscription-only cloud service costing 50 bucks a month, an awful lot of Photoshop users are looking into alternatives.

For many, that will be the Dalide brothers very affordable $29.99 Pixelmator or Flying Meat Software’s somewhat more costly $49.95 Acorn image editor app, both of which sell for the same or less than one month’s Photoshop Creative Cloud subscription cost. For most users, either Pixelmator or Acorn will be a perfectly adequate solution, as well as being faster and less ponderous than Photoshop.

However, if you need industrial grade processing power and can’t stomach that Photoshop subscription tariff, theres actually an even cheaper alternative.

Like, free.

That would be the oddly-named GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) open source, high-end, cross-platform image editing and creation software alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop and its now open-ended monthly wallet-siphoning distribution mode.

Happily, the GIMP is no longer a challenging to install, learn and use as it once was for Mac users. Since version 2.8.2, the program no longer requires support of Apple’s somewhat geeky X11 environment with its distinct GUI for running Linux and UNIX applications. GIMP for OS X now demands only a simple drag and drop installation and you’re good to go. And with X11 finally out of the way, the GIMP gets a standard menu bar Aqua interface UI.


However, the GIMP’s developers say that in the past few months, they’ve received complaints about the site where the GIMP installers for the Microsoft Windows platforms are hosted.

They note that SourceForge, once a useful and trustworthy place to develop and host FLOSS applications, has faced a problem with the ads they allow on their sites—the green “Download here” buttons that appear on many, many ads, leading to all kinds of unwanted utilities having been spotted there as well.

They say the tipping point was the introduction of their own SourceForge Installer software, which bundles third-party offers with Free Software packages. They don’t want to support this kind of behavior, and have thus decided to abandon SourceForge.

From now on, Jernej Simoni, who provides the installer packages, uploads them to the’s own FTP server directly, from where they will be distributed automatically to mirror download sites.

Check the Downloads page for updated information. The page will remain active for the time being and direct users to the new download locations.

If you’re a GIMP user or have considered giving it a go, be sure to check out my review of the must-have Book of GIMP User Manual, or pick it up at

For more information on GIMP, visit

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