C6 matt finish hard case for iPhone 5/5s review

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C6 iPhone case

C6 products are very high quality, so you expect a lot from something as simple as a snap-on hard case for your iPhone 5/5s. Fortunately, the C6 matt finish hard case truly delivers. It offers decent protection, great color options, and a simple and clean design.


The C6 hard case is made of hard plastic. However, C6 takes it one step further by offering it in a series of different colors, including yellow, blue, black, gray, off white and a range of other colors that resemble the eclectic options in the iPod and iPhone 5c line. I received the orange one for review, and even though that isn’t the color I would personally choose, it somehow worked with my Space Grey iPhone 5s. I think it’s the simplicity of the case that brings out the design features of the iPhone. For example, when you snap your 5 or 5s into the C6 case, the entire bottom of the case is still left open for you to plug in your Lightning connector.

The case does not obstruct anything on the bottom so you can also use any third party accessories and chargers with this case on. Though, one thing it doesn’t let you do is put your iPhone into the Apple dock for the device (which is true for most cases, so it isn’t a huge issue). I really liked that the bottom, top, and side buttons were still open for use. With iPhone cases, I like being able to use the real buttons on my phone and still see some of the color poking out. After all, if you choose a specific color for your iPhone, wouldn’t you want to show it off?

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The matt finish made the case appear to be very solid. I say this because most cases that have a glossy sheen are called “candy,” and I’m not a huge fan of the color or the naming. I also liked how the packaging even appeared to have the same matte finish as the case itself. One little gripe I had about this case was that it began to scratch after only a few days of use. There weren’t huge scratches, but you could see marks beginning to appear from the headphones that I also leave in the same pocket as my iPhone. I assume a lot of people do that, so that might be kind of annoying.

This leads me to the price, which is 20 euros (or roughly $26.00USD). While it is cheaper than most iPhone cases out there (which usually start at around $29USD), there are other cases that offer this kind of minimal design with less scratch-prone material.


The C6 iPhone case offers customers minimal and colorful iPhone protection, but users who want drop protection will want to go with a different case. The C6 matt hard case won’t protect against drops, but is great for leaving the iPhone on any surface.

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Provides: Scuff/scratch protection for iPhone 5/5s
Developer: C6
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5s
Price: €20 euros/$26 USD
Availability: Now

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