Does Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display release confirm supply issues?

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iPad mini with Retina display release

Earlier today, Apple released the iPad mini with Retina display with little fanfare. I didn’t hear anything about it even fifteen minutes before it went on sale, and only had a general idea of when it was going to be released. So, when I read Apple’s press release for the new iPad mini 2, I went to the Crossgates Apple Store in Albany, NY to check out the new screen. To my dismay, the models on display were the original iPad mini.

When I asked an employee where the new iPad minis were, he stated, “I don’t know. I wasn’t told anything about it. All I know is that customers can pick up their iPads.” When I asked another employee the same question just to make sure, he replied with the same statement. This may have been the first time I heard an Apple employee say “I don’t know;” I’ve asked about Macs and iPhones in the past and they usually had an answer. When they didn’t, they always replied, “Hold on, let me find out for you.” This is the first time Apple has ever launched such an important product so quietly, and I think it is because of supply issues.

Apple is reported to be experiencing issues with the production of quality displays, and, as a result, is likely experiencing a low supply of Retina iPad minis. This isn’t surprising as Apple usually does have low supplies of in-demand products. However, I’m not too sure I like the secrecy. As supplies for the iPad mini become readily available, Apple will most likely begin to ramp up advertising and will start emailing about it more frequently. Supplies will definitely be made available by the beginning of the holiday season—which kicks off in about two weeks with Thanksgiving—as it is an excellent sales period for Apple. Until then, don’t expect to see the iPads in all of the company’s retail stores or in advertisements.

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