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A quick fix, a crop on the sides, and a filter for the finishing touch—that’s what you get with Analog for OS X. Analog is straightforward photo editing software with filters and borders that you can apply in a few minutes.

What is it?

Analog, from Realmac Software, comes with basic photo editing features such as crop and rotate, as well as filters and borders for quick fixing. Direct, fast, and user friendly, you don’t need to be a pro to use it. Since it comes with only a few options, I’ll walk you through its features to see how it works.

How does it work?

Analog is packed with 35 filters and 15 borders from which you can choose. Once you launch it, the canvas pops up, and you’ll see them on the right side of the canvas.

Analog for OS X

You can drop a photo in the canvas or use the menu bar to open a file. While I suggest the former, the downside of Analog is that you can only edit one photo at a time in the canvas.

The editing canvas comes with five buttons: toggle processing, apply, crop, image rotation and social media buttons, including the “save as” and “send via email” options.

Analog for OS X

Just scroll down the filters and/or toggle right for the borders to preview the post-effect. When you find what suits you, click the apply button and save it to your photo library or share it to CloudApp, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Analog for OS X

Tip: Click command + delete button to clear the canvas.

Is it contagious?

There’s nothing extraordinary in this app; however, if you frequently use photo filters and borders in your photos, or are in dire need of a quick crop for special effects on blogs, websites, social media, and the like, Analog is the fastest way to do it. It will save you from the complexities of Adobe Photoshop’s editing features.


Personally, I use Analog for quick cropping and filters to my photos I post online. I must say I am pleased with the filter quality and the straightforward editing. However, it is not as contagious as I expected. If we’re talking about value, I think the price should be lowered.

Nonetheless, I do recommend the program.

Category: Photography
Seller: Realmac Software
Cost: $9.99
Download: Analog

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