Gumdrop Hideaway Case for iPad Air review

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Got a new iPad Air?  Marveled at its design and performance, but want maximum protection? The designers from Gumdrop Cases have produced the Hideaway Case, a fully enclosed case with a built-in stand.  Everything is covered, including the Lightning port, headphone jack, and the screen.

Hideaway Case for iPad Air

It’s very rugged and durable, but is it practical for everyday use?


The Hideaway Case is designed for total protection for your iPad Air. The front frame is polycarbonate, and it has hooks in the back and around the rear camera to have the frame attach to the iPad Air.  The frame also includes a full screen protector that covers the entire front of the iPad Air. This includes covering the front camera and the Home Button.

Gumdrop Hideaway Case for iPad AirThe remainder of the Hideaway Case is very thick silicone.  The iPad Air and the frame simply slide into the back of the case. The silicone edges have little ridges that will interlock with the frame for full enclosure. The silicone back includes a flap to cover the Lightning port and one to cover the headphone jack. There is a cutout for the rear camera, the bottom speakers, and the top microphone, but it will cover up the secondary microphone at the top on the back of the iPad Air, so it may not allow the iPad Air to cancel out ambient noise effectively.

What makes this a Hideaway Case is that there’s a flap in the back of the case that will flip out to form a stand.

Gumdrop Hideaway Case for iPad Air

Within the flap is a smaller flap that will flip in to add stability.  The flaps have magnets to help keep them in place opened or closed.

The case is available in all black, blue/black, and orange/black.

Real World Use

If you’re looking for rugged protection, I think you’re going to be impressed with this one.  The case is thick with a raised texture pattern that makes it very easy to grip and hold in your hand. The flap for the rear stand is very easy to use and props the iPad Air at a pleasant viewing angle. The flap can only be used lengthwise as it does not run down to the bottom of the case to prop it up vertically.

While the Hideaway Case has full protection for the front, I found that the covering of the Home Button makes it harder to operate; you must press the button with a lot of force before the iPad would react. From a rugged protection point of view, this means the button won’t be accidentally pressed if dropped or bumped. For normal use, I found the need for added pressure to be a distraction.

Gumdrop Hideaway Case for iPad AirThe Hideaway Case is very rugged and protective of the iPad Air, but it comes at the cost of added bulk and weight. As light as the iPad Air has become, the Hideaway Case nearly doubles the weight, which will wear out the hands/arms faster than without the case or one with a slimmer and lighter design.


If you are in need of some serious protection and/or subject your iPad Air to to tough conditions, the Hideaway Case from Gumdrop Cases is very much worth considering. If you want something that doesn’t add bulk or weight, you might want to think about something else.

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Gumdrop Hideaway Case for iPad Air review

Buy the Gumdrop Hideaway Case for iPad Air

Provides: Rugged protection from scrapes, scratches and drops for your iPad Air
Developer: Gumdrop Cases
Minimum Requirements: iPad Air (also available for iPad 2, 3 and 4)
Price: $69.95
Availability: Now

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