Belkin QODE Slim Style iPad Air Keyboard Case review

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Do a lot of typing on your iPad but prefer a real keyboard to a touchscreen? There are plenty of Bluetooth keyboard options out there, but what about incorporating it into a case that doesn’t add a lot of bulk as most keyboard cases do? For the iPad Air, Belkin has released the QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case.

Belkin QODE Slim Style iPad Air Keyboard Case

It is a folio style case that offers a very thin keyboard to pair with the iPad Air in an attractive design for typists on the go.

Design and Use

The Belkin QODE Slim Style iPad Air Keyboard Case is exceptionally thin despite the real keys. The case comes in a variety of color combinations to suit your style:  white/topaz, all black, white/purple, black/red, and white/sorbet. The outer cover of the case has a smooth, matte finish for a very clean appearance on the front. The back has an opening for the rear camera and a small opening for the rear microphone (something some of the early cases have seemed to miss). The back cover has a textured surface over two-thirds of the side and an embossed company logo. The textured part also has a fold out tab to allow the iPad Air to be propped up when using the keyboard. The tab uses magnets to keep it closed and in place.

Belkin QODE Slim Style iPad Air Keyboard CaseOn the inside of the Belkin Slim Style Keyboard Case, the iPad Air fits between two brackets to secure its position. There are also magnets in the brackets to adhere to the keyboard when closed. This is not a Smart Cover type of magnetic closure; it will not turn off or wake up your iPad Air when opening and closing the case.

The keyboard has very well spaced out keys, or what Belkin calls TruType keys. While not the size of a full sized keyboard, the arrangement makes typing very easy. There are only a few things different from a standard keyboard (single and double quote key, for example) that will make you pause and search until you become accustomed to it. The keys are very responsive and provide positive tactile feedback when pressed.

Belkin QODE Slim Style iPad Air Keyboard Case

The keyboard itself has a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB to micro-USB charging cable. Belkin claims the battery in the keyboard can last 60 hours of continual use and 60 days of standby for a single charge. The Bluetooth pairing with the iPad Air offered no difficulties.


For a slim and attractive case with a built in keyboard, you can’t go wrong with the Belkin Slim Style Keyboard Case.  The case is very thin and does not add unwanted bulk or weight, making it very complimentary to the iPad Air.

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Belkin Slim Style Keyboard Case review

Buy the Belkin QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case for iPad Air

Provides: Folio style case with built in Bluetooth keyboard
Developer: Belkin
Minimum Requirements: iPad Air
Price: $79.99
Availability: Now

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  • Billie

    Does this case come in red?

    • Kirk Hiner

      Yes, there is a red/black option.

  • Geronimo

    work whit spanish keyboard in the Ipad whitout problem?

  • Lars Holm

    Wonder why it does not work to sync more than one iPad?
    My wife and I have an iPad each. Then we need a keyboard only a few times and then not at the same time so we decided to buy one Belkin QODE Slim Style iPad Air Keyboard Case.
    It worked excellent to pair with one of the two iPad. To connect with number two does not work. What to do?
    Best regards

  • Kris Cox

    How does this hold up to real-world typing speeds? I have heard that many Bluetooth keyboards are noticeably “laggy,” to the point where someone who types rather fast would have issues, because keystrokes would get dropped.

    • Kirk Hiner

      If you’re super-fast, you may end up ahead of it. But compared to other Bluetooth keyboards I’ve tried, it’s pretty responsive…and it’s better than having to fuss around with multiple screens on the touchpad to get to the keys you need.