Hard Candy Squish for iPad Air review

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The weekend I bought my iPad Air, I wouldn’t let my children touch it. This didn’t sit well with them, what with all the mines to be crafted and monster lives to live, but I had no protection on the device. Hard Candy had sent us a couple review cases, but I forgot them at TechTell Towers. Once I put the iPad Air inside the Squish for iPad Air, my fears were allayed; this case offers some serious (but fun) protection.

Hard Candy Squish iPad Air case

The appropriately named Squish for iPad Air is a form-fitting silicone case that wraps around the back, edges, and bezel of the iPad. Getting it over the device is a simple matter of slipping it in top- or bottom-first and then pulling the other side over. This stretches the corners of the case quite a bit, I never had a problem with tearing.

The fit over the bezel is very good, but the front facing camera opening is slightly misaligned, causing the color of the case to blur the bottom of the image. Considering I received this case before the iPad Air was released, I imagine it’s a prototype miscalculation that can be corrected. Still, hold on to that receipt if you get the Squish before the problem is solved.

Beyond that, all of the ports and openings are aligned properly. I had no problem with the back camera opening, and the volume and power buttons that sit under the case have well-aligned ridges that accurately mark their positioning.

Hard Candy Squish iPad Air case

What really sells the Squish is the protection it provides. Air filled chambers will keep the iPad Air safe from drops, especially on the corners.

Hard Candy Squish iPad Air case

The edges rise nicely above the screen to keep it safe, but there is no screen protection itself, so you’ll still want a separate screen protector. The thick silicone of the edges and back make is comfortable to hold, and the ridges on the back provide a bit of extra grip…as well as some design flair.

Hard Candy Squish iPad Air case

Oh, and speaking of design, the Squish is available in black, pink, lime and blue.

With no sort of incorporated stand, and since you will not be able to dock your iPad Air in third party devices while it’s in the Squish, you’ll be buying this strictly for protection. In that regard, the Squish is a solid investment; I felt perfectly safe handing the iPad Air over to the kids while it was in the Squish. However, I have to dock it an extra rating point because of the front camera alignment issue.

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Hard Candy Squish for iPad Air review

Buy the Hard Candy Squish for iPad Air

Provides: Complete silicon protection for iPad Air
Developer: Hard Candy
Minimum Requirements: iPad Air (also available for iPad 2, 3 and 4)
Price: $34.95
Availability: Now

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