WaterField Designs Finn Wallet review

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Finn Wallet

WaterField Designs continues to please, and is quickly moving to replace all of your cases, bags, and now, wallets. The San Franciso-based company’s  Finn Wallet is great, especially because the materials are high quality, the colors are fantastic, and the design is exactly what you would expect from WaterField. The Finn Wallet is available with three materials from which to choose: full-grain cowhide with a natural deer tan finish in six colors, silver and black nylon “Flash,” and tan waxed-canvas. Some of the same materials used in the company’s new Staad backback are seen here, and we know how strong those materials are.


WaterField designed the Finn for customers to be able to carry all of their items in one simple package, locked in by a strong zipper. This is unlike any wallet I’ve seen before, and it somehow reminded me of being in Europe. The design just echoes style, especially because of the way the zipper opens on two sides, which ensures you have two pockets for credit cards, business cards and receipts, and a large section in the middle for your iPhone 5s or 5c and a reasonable amount of cash.Finn Wallet

The Finn Wallet is made of a high quality leather that is naturally tanned to feel like deer (though WaterField clearly states the leather is not from a deer). The inside of the wallet uses the same ballistic material on the Staad backpack, so it felt very natural to put it inside of my backpack and carry it around. It truly felt like all of my products were synchronized. The design of the Finn Wallet attracts you to it, and once you start using it, you’ll never go back to your old wallet no matter how great you thought it was.

The Finn is available in four different sizes: 25 can store just cards and cash, 27 and 69 fit your iPhone 5s or 5c, and 42 (the “Road Warrior”) has room for lots of credit cards, as well as your passport, foreign bills and phone. In addition to all of this, the Finn is available in 8 different colors: black, camel, gray, red, forest green, cowboy brown, waxed canvas, and silver flash.


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When I first started using the Finn, it actually felt strange in my pocket. Normally, my wallets are not this long and I keep my iPhone in the opposite pocket on the left side. Prior to the Finn Wallet, I was using a Mighty Wallet so you can imagine how much of a thin wallet I was dealing with.

However, after a few days with the new Finn, I knew I wasn’t going to be going back. The Finn Wallet is the perfect little pouch to carry all of your cards, cash, receipts, and iPhone, in one little package. It also stays “dime-thin” as Gary suggests in the video, so you don’t feel any bulkiness when you choose to carry it in your front or back pocket (skinny jeans might present an issue, though most wallets do as well).


WaterField never fails to please, and the company continues its successful product lines with the Finn Wallet. With Christmas right around the corner, you’ll really want to go pick up one or two for your family and friends and give them a beautiful and secure wallet to carry all of their belongings. That way, they won’t lose anything when they are out Christmas shopping!

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Provides: Cash, credit cards, receipts and iPhone storage, transportation and protection
Developer: WaterField Designs
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c/cards, cash, receipts
Price: Size 25: $39 / Size 27: $39 /Size 42: $49 /  Size 69: $45
Availability: Now

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