Vaja Nuova Pelle premium leather iPhone 5/5s slim case review

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Nouva Pelle

Vaja makes several models of leather cases for iPhones, iPads and whatnot. Today, the Nuova Pelle premium leather iPhone case is our item of interest, and it’s worth the attention.

The Vaja Website states the Nuova Pelle is a study in minimalism, and they are right about that. The case has an outer layer and an inner layer, each made from one piece of leather. When stitched together, they form a durable envelope which should last for many years.

Nuova Pelle

Standard rules of leather care will apply, of course.

The inside back surface is coated with an adhesive which will hold to your phone securely without leaving marks or residue if you need to remove or reposition your phone. Vaja also incorporated a magnetic closure to the front flap so your case won’t flop all over the place. The case just covers the iPhone 5s with almost no overhang on any of the sides. This means the face and the back are covered, and the hinge covers the side with the volume buttons, but the other three sides are exposed. This isn’t the best all around protection in case of a drop, but the magnetic closure should mean the glass will be protected, at least.

Nuova Pelle

The aesthetics are simple and pleasing, and the color options (forest green, light tan, brown, dark red and dark tan) are classic and appealing. The case covers the back and face well, and the materials and construction show a good degree of quality so it should last many years. The open bottom will allow a greater ease of docking, depending on how tight the fit is on your dock (some require a bare iPhone, so check your dock). The adhesive surface is reusable, and the profile allows for easy access to all the controls and the camera.

Nuova Pelle

About the only negative I have with this case is that there is no protection for the corners and three of the edges. If you are not prone to dropping your phone, this may not be a concern. A minor issue is that the inside face of the cover, being tanned leather, will leave a pattern on your iPhones glass, but I suppose this is why Vaja supplied that handy cleaning cloth for you.

I like the Vaja Nuova Pelle folio case. It’s svelte so it won’t bulk up your pocket, it has a clean look, and it’s made from good materials. The price is a bit high for the minimal design and construction, but you are getting good value for money. If the looks are your style, this is a very good option in which to wrap your iPhone.

Appletell Rating:
Vaja Nuova Pelle iPhone 5/5s case review

Provides: Scuff and scratch protection for iPhone 5/5s
Developer: Vaja
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5s (also available for iPhone 5c and iPhone 4/4s)
Price: $80.00
Availability: Now

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