Angry Birds Go! launches early on the New Zealand App Store

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Rovio today has released the latest incarnation of its popular Angry Birds game franchise—Angry Birds Go!—on the New Zealand App Store. This is weeks ahead of the worldwide launch of Angry Birds Go! which is scheduled for December 11. Veering away from the usual physics-based puzzle gaming approach of other Angry Birds titles, Angry Birds Go!, as you might have guessed by now, is a kart racer like many other we have played before.

What sets Angry Birds Go apart from other kart racers is, of course, the fact that it pits the birds against the bad piggies in a race which will challenge you with plenty of twists and turns along the tracks. Angry Birds Go! has all the ingredients of a fun kart racer, such as mischievous opponents, special power-ups, obstacles, coins to collect, and more. The coins can be used to upgrade your kart’s acceleration, speed, and strength.

The races in Angry Birds Go! vary as well, and so do the tracks. At first, you’ll be racing in short and easy to navigate 3D tracks. But as you progress, there will be more surprises along the way. You’ll also be able to recruit other characters to race as well as purchase more powerful karts. Speaking of purchase, if you’re the type of iOS gamer who can’t control the impulse to partake of in-app purchase, be wary that this game will prompt you to purchase items from time to time. So, be cautious not to get hooked into the game unless you don’t want to spend real money on the in-app purchases available.

Playing the game for a couple of minutes will give you that familiar feeling of being in the Angry Birds realm. From the fun and mischievous background music to the sound effects, this is definitely an Angry Birds game. In fact, you’ll still be able to use the giant slingshot, as you need this to rev up the “engine” of your kart every start of a race.

Overall, Rovio has done it again. And considering Rovio’s track record, I’m pretty sure there will be more surprises coming in future updates. This is definitely another hit for Rovio. Mark your calendars; December 11, Angry Birds Go! will be available for everyone.

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