Pure Contour i1 Air iOS speaker dock review

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Contour i1 Air

iOS device docks with streaming capability are a hot category these days. I’ve tried out quite a few of them, and Pure’s Contour i1 Air is one of the best. It provides all the functionality one wants from this sort of product, with a great look and at a fair price.

Pure is a British consumer electronics brand. It’s part of the VideoLogic/Imagination Technologies family, which of late has been making a huge push into the U.S. market. And with the Contour i1 Air, they’ve come up with a very functional, easy-to-use and cool-looking streaming product.

The Contour i1 Air is a speaker and dock for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The first thing I can say about it is it’s beautiful; a sleek, great-looking system without rough edges, that’s portable and doesn’t take up a lot of space on the shelf.

Are the iOS devices you have lying around your house a mix of Lightning and 30-pin? No problem—the Contour includes easily switchable connectors for both. One afternoon last week, I had my iPhone 5s plugged in, and when my sister-in-law needed to charge her 4S, I just switched the connectors and put hers down. There’s also a nifty little revolving dock which swings in and out.

Contour i1 Air

The product also offers AirPlay, which certainly a must these days. Play music on the speaker from your couch, while controlling it from your phone, tablet or computer. And even better, the setup is incredibly easy—just press a button on the back of the unit. It finds your home Wi-Fi network, and you’re good to go. Setup took about five minutes.

I can also say that in using the Contour’s AirPlay, it never skipped or stopped working; most AirPlay-equipped devices I’ve tested in the past haven’t been nearly as reliable.

The Contour also sounds very good. The device features a pair of full-range 3-inch speaker drivers. No, it’s not up to the sound quality of a $1,000 system, but it’s pretty good sound regardless.

Other features include the use of the Pure Connect app—bringing music and radio stations to the device, as well as a remote control, which I admit I only used for setup.

Overall, the Pure Contour i1 Air is a sleek and beautiful product that’s highly recommended.

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Pure Contour i1 Air iOS speaker dock review

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Provides: AirPlay compatible wireless streaming and both 30-pin and Lightning connection/charging
Developer: Pure
Minimum Requirements: 30-pin or Lightning compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, AirPlay compatible iOS device or Macintosh.
Price: $199
Availability: Now

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  • Lyraprimrose

    How do you set up with the control. Mine don’t seem to work ?!!

  • Lyraprimrose

    Pure contour i1 air. Can’t get the control pad to set mine up. What am I doing wrong. Have read the book and followed all points but controller not working. Have changed the battery