Holiday Gift Guide: The best iPhone and iPad accessories for musicians

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If you’re looking to buy a gift this year for a musician, your iPhone and iPad options have never been better. Digital input adapters for connecting instruments like guitars and the like to iOS devices are now much easier to find, but this year also brought us other musical accessories. And thanks to Apple’s Core MIDI in iOS 7, many of these accessories are able to interact with just about any musical app on the App Store (as long as they support Core MIDI). Let’s cut to the chase, here are my favorite iPhone and iPad accessories for musicians released this year.

iRig PRO

The device that connects your instrument to your iOS device is quite possibly the most important accessory for iOS musicians. IK Multimedia’s iRig PRO is an extremely portable and versatile choice. It can connect via 30 pin or Lightning cable, so it’s ready for any iOS device. That makes it a digital input adapter, meaning that it’s quite possibly a huge upgrade for many iOS musicians using analog input adapters.


Along with being digital, the next best feature is the Neutrik connector (combination of 1/4 inch and XLR connectors), so you can connect a microphone to it as easily as a guitar. All of this in a tiny little package for just $149.99.

iRig BlueBoard

The iRig BlueBoard is a wireless MIDI pedalboard that will make any iOS musician’s life a little easier. It can be set up to turn effect pedals on/off or even change presets inside of any Core MIDI compatible iOS app.

iRig BlueBoard

Best of all, it does all of its magic over Bluetooth, so you don’t have to sacrifice any ports on your iOS device that would be better put to use plugging in your instrument of choice. The iRig BlueBoard is available now for $99.99.

Apogee Quartet

If money is no object, the top of the line digital input adapter for iOS devices is made by Apogee. It’s called the Quartet and it is a thing of beauty.


Not only is it one of the most attractive audio accessories for iOS devices, its beauty is much more than skin deep. Right out of the box, the Quartet can record up to four channels of truly professional quality audio simultaneously. The Quartet is the best there is in just about every measure. It costs $1,395, and it’s worth every penny.

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