Half of iPhone 5c users switched from other brands

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iPhone 5c

Apple released the colorful iPhone 5c along with the iPhone 5s back in September. It didn’t turn out to be as affordable as everyone speculated, coming with a $549 price tag, which is only $100 less than the next-generation iPhone 5s. Tim explained during Apple’s most recent earnings call that the iPhone 5c is actually a mid-tier device, and that theentry-level title goes to the iPhone 4s.

There’s no denying that the iPhone 5s is in very high demand compared to the iPhone 5c, and we saw some reports that Apple has slashed production of the iPhone 5c in order to meet the high demand of the 5s.

Recently, market research firm Kantar WorldPanel released a report highlighting smartphone sales from August to October 2013, tracking smartphone sales from various markets. According to the report, the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c did boost Apple’s market share, but not as much as last year’s iPhone 5 release. According to the data, iOS market share is down to 40.8% in the U.S. in October 2013, compared to 47.2% in the same month last year, a fall of almost 6.4%.


According to Dominic Sunnebo, strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech:

In almost all markets, the iPhone 5s and 5c releases have given iOS a significant bounce compared to the previous month. Generally, Apple’s share of the market still remains lower than when the iPhone 5 was released, although this is not wholly unexpected as shoppers tend to react more positively to ‘full’ releases than incremental improvements such as the 5s and 5c.

Anyway, the report did highlight another interesting fact; Kantar revealed that almost half of current iPhone 5c owners switched from competitor brands, “particularly Samsung and LG.” This is compared to 80% of iPhone 5s owners who upgraded from an older iPhone model.

Despite the successful iPhone 5s and 5c launch, with both handsets selling up to 9 million units in the opening weekend, the iOS market share is declining in several global markets, especially China and Europe which is currently dominated by Android. Apple’s operating system market share fell in all the global markets, except Spain. On the other hand, Apple has a very strong sales figure in Japan where it accounts for 76% of the smartphone sales, thanks to iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

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