What’s next for Apple, and what can we expect in 2014?

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Apple’s holiday line-up is set and the company is hunkered down for the winter, leaving its retail stores wide open for customers to come in and pick up its latest products. Apple has a brand new Mac lineup, with new Haswell powered Macbook Airs and Pros, as well as the new Mac Pro, which is set to arrive soon. The company also released the iPhone 5s and 5c, as well as the iPad Air and iPad with Retina display. Of course, the new iPhones are running the heavily redesigned iOS 7, and the Macs are powered by OS X Mavericks and it seems almost every aspect of the company’s product lines have been updated.

However, we can’t forget that as soon as the New Year dawns on January 1st, the expectations for Apple to release new products is refreshed. That is a fair expectation, especially because the company has been releasing new software and new devices every year for as long as I can remember. What’s next for Apple and what can we expect in 2014?

Apple iWatch

Apple has been rumored to be working on an iWatch for quite some time, to not only compete with Nike’s FuelBand, but with the Galaxy Gear smart watch that Samsung released earlier this year. For the past several months, rumors about an iWatch have been coming out one after another. Most recently, an analyst from NPD research reported that the Apple iWatch is expected to come in different sizes for men and women. Other reports in the past have noted that the displays may be flexible to be able to bend around the wrist of the user, and that there is a possibility it will be taken in the direction of a fitness device. Even with all of these rumors, we still haven’t seen any solid leaks for the device even though it is expected to arrive next year.

Apple Television Set

This is probably one of the oldest rumors, and something I’ve been telling everyone about. As a matter of fact, I’ve been talking about the possibility of an Apple television set since the release of the Apple TV set-top box in 2007.

In the past, Steve Jobs called the Apple TV a “hobby” of Apple’s. To me, that always meant Apple had something bigger in store for the device. With so many services now available on it—including HBO GO, Netflix, MLB TV, PBS, and a variety of Disney channels—it is only a matter of time before Apple begins completing deals with these companies to release an Apple television set as soon as next year. An Apple television set has been a long time coming and 2014 could possibly be a record year for the company if it does release one. With new iPods, redesigned iPhones and a possible iWatch also slated for next year, 2014 could be huge.

4K Display

This is probably the most recent rumor, and the one that is most likely going to happen very soon, likely before the television set or the iWatch. Apple has been rumored to be working on releasing its very own 4K display, mainly because the company started selling the Sharp 4K display on some of its international stores, and then removed them right away. Apple also added support for 4K displays in its new 2013 Retina Macbook Pro. The company details which 4K HDTV’s are supported by the HDMI port on Macbook Pro on a Support Page.

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