STM Grip for iPhone 5c review

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STM Grip iPhone 5c case

Formerly known for laptop bags, STM—an established, Australian maker of accessories for Apple products—has more recently made a major push into mobile device cases. One of their latest entries is the Grip for iPhone 5c, and it’s a standout.

The STM Grip offers hard shell protection, but is light and easy to hold and use. It has a ridged back for easy grip (hence the name) while also sporting a raised bezel to keep your screen safe if you place your iPhone 5c face down on a hard surface.

STM Grip iPhone 5c case

The open bottom of the Grip offers easy access to the iPhone’s Lightning port, while the other openings are wide enough to allow you to easily get to the volume/power buttons, camera, etc.

It’s worth noting that the main colors of the Grip for iPhone 5c—blue, lime, red, and black—are much more bold than those of the phone itself, so you will lose the overall look of your phone. If that’s a concern, STM offers a clear model that gives the iPhone 5c a somewhat dusted look, but allows you to keep the color you agonized over when making your original selection.

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STM Grip for iPhone 5c review

Buy the STM Grip for iPhone 5c

Provides: Scuff/scratch and drop protection
Developer: STM
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5c (also available for )
Price: $20.00
Availability: Now

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