Free this Week: Instapaper for iOS

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InstapaperThe iOS app I probably use more than any other, Instapaper, is free for iOS this week thanks to a special promotion through Apple’s App of the Week program.

I’ve been using Instapaper for about two years, and it completely changed the way I consume the Internet and read in general. The app allows the user, with one click, to save any article or other web page for later, whether doing so from a mobile device or desktop.

Sure, my queue may be up to eight pages as I write this- and chances are I’ve got no hope of zeroing that out before 2014- but it’s nice to know it’s all there.

The offer:

 Instapaper is feeling a surge of holiday spirit this year. From December 12th through the 19th, Instapaper for iOS will be free to download as part of Apple’s App of The Week program. We’re really excited to work with Apple to make Instapaper free for a limited time, making the app available to a wider audience of iOS users.

Instapapernormally costs $3.99.

The offer was first reported by The Verge, and is also publicized on Instapaper’s blog.


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