Moshi Audio Mythro earbuds review

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The Moshi Audio Mythro earbuds are lightweight yet powerful, just enough to provide you with a very enjoyable music experience. The price point, coupled with the aluminum casing of the earbuds and the high quality audio really makes this a great buy. Better yet, they come in a multitude of colors for those who choose who live a bit more colorfully.


The design of headphones is critical to me in reviews, as we constantly use them everywhere we go; the way they fit in your ear and how they look really affect how you choose to use them in your daily life. Simply put, if you like them a lot, you’ll constantly use them. Fortunately for me, the Mythro earbuds were a perfect fit, and I found myself switching from my higher-end JBL headphones when I wanted to listen to music at night when going to bed. The earbuds clearly provide excellent sound, more or less on par with Apple’s EarPods which I used to use before. One thing I really liked was how each earbud was color coded so you know right away which ear it goes in without having to look for the tiny “L” or “R” on most earphones.

Though the earbuds themselves were great, I wasn’t a big fan of the cable design, which seemed to be of lower quality than you would expect. I also wish there could be some integrated volume controls, something that seems to be standard on most headphones on the market now. The Mythro earbuds do come with a single button for answering/ending calls and skipping song tracks, and also have an integrated mic for phone calls. The headphones also come with a tiny strap right on the cable to keep the cables organized when not being used.


I keep these earbuds around for casual use, so I don’t constantly carry them around with me everywhere. However, when I do use them (mostly at night), I find that they have the perfect amount of bass and overall good sound quality. Moshi Audio has some great steel alloy earbuds on the market and they have a good reputation for producing high quality products, so I knew that these headphones would provide good sound when I first started using them.

Moshi Audio Mythro

I’ve noticed better sound on the Moshi Mythro earbuds than I did on the EarPods, even though Apple’s headset put up a good competition in terms of bass. The Mythro did beat out the EarPods when it came to clarity, especially because it provided a tight seal in the ear which helped to keep in the bass and sound (you get a number of different ear tips for use). As I’ve mentioned in every other earphone review I’ve ever done, I’m not too fond of in-ear headphones, in general, because they thump in your ears when you hit the cable with your jacket or your hand.

With the Mythro earbuds, Moshi Audio has done a great job of bringing a low cost and high quality pair earphones to the market. The price tag is very competitive with other earbuds out on the market, including Apple’s EarPods.

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Buy the Moshi Audio Mythro Earbuds

Provides: In-ear audio reproduction with inline mic and remote control
Developer: Moshi
Minimum Requirements: Audio source (iOS device, iPod, any smartphone or sound system with 3.5mm jack)
Price: $30.00
Availability: Now

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