RaveTouch Bluetooth headphones launching at CES 2014

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Whitelabel has announced they’ll be launching a touch-sensitive variant of their Rave headphones at CES 2014. The newly-updated model will bring multitouch gesture controls to your music experience while preserving the Rave’s choice of wired or wireless operation.


Swipe It Up

The RaveTouch is differentiated from its Rave predecessor by the inclusion of a touch-sensitive ear cup backing on the left earpiece. To control the music, you can swipe up/down with one finger to increase/decrease the volume, or swipe up/down with two fingers to skip forward/backward one track. To pause music playback you simply do a one finger tap in the center of the touchpad. This touch sensitive ear cup should be much easier to use than the traditional inline remote because it gives you a much larger surface area to work with.



If touching isn’t your thing, there’s also a single multifunction button on the right earpiece that can control volume and music playback, and also functions to let you answer/reject incoming calls. The built-in microphone lets the RaveTouch function as a Bluetooth headset, so you can take calls even while listening to music.

Other features WhiteLabel has rolled into the RaveTouch include:

  • NFC pairing for the Bluetooth connection, which lets you simply tap your RaveTouch headphones against the audio device (iPhone, iPod, etc.) to pair them
  • Wired or wireless functionality gives you the option of going cord-free or plugging straight into the headphone jack of your audio device
  • 12 hour battery life and charging via USB
  • A double click of the multifunction button activates voice controls. The press release doesn’t specify if those are builtin voice controls for the headphones or if it’ll launch on your iDevice, but hopefully it’s the latter.

RaveTouch will be available later this month in your choice of white or black, and will go for around $50. They will be officially launched to the world at CES 2014 in January. Check out WhiteLabel’s site for full details.

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