C6 Neoprene Zip Sleeve for MacBook review

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C6 Neoprene Zip Sleeve

There really isn’t much you can say about a Macbook sleeve beyond protection and the style which are important with all cases, bags, or other accessories. It’s a good thing C6 creates a number of products with the same high quality materials that it includes in its backpacks and laptop bags. The attention to detail on this case is what strikes you most, followed by the excellent choices of color combinations. The C6 neoprene zip sleeve for the Macbook comes in 12 different color combinations, including the classic C6 orange and olive green color.


What struck me most about this sleeve when I first opened the packaging was how unapologetically orange it was; something you really would not expect to be using with your silver Macbook. Yet, somehow it works with the olive green color near the zipper and inside of the case. C6 has taken the “bold” approach that Apple has taken with its iPhone 5c line and added it to its Macbook sleeve so if you’re one of those people who don’t like cases on their Macs but do like color, you’ll enjoy this.

C6 Neoprene Zip Sleeve

The fit is very snug and the Macbook slipped in and out easily, without the user having to hold the case down to pull it out.

The soft neoprene material is covered with the same rugged material C6 uses in its other products, adding even more durability to a case that you would expect to be flimsy. The zipper is inconspicuous and sort of blends into the olive green stripe on top of the case, though a circular zipper handle in the same green color makes it very easy to locate and open in an instant.


Despite the fact that the design of the case was top notch, I felt that the case was lacking just a bit in terms of usage, especially when I realized how thin the material felt once you put your Macbook in. I felt as though if I dropped the case with the MacBook in it, the edges would not be protected too well.

C6 Neoprene Zip Sleeve

With that said, I mostly use Macbook sleeves to protect from scratches for when I throw it into my backpack. For that, it did a very good job and held up pretty well with all of the other items that I had in my backpack. I think the average person will really enjoy this case, especially because it has a good combination of design and ease of use.


The C6 Neoprene Zip Sleeve for MacBook is a very simple and lightweight solution to protecting your MacBook from getting dings and scratches in your backpack or desk. This sleeve is perfect for those who are looking for a minimal sleeve and don’t care too much about drop protection. If that’s a concern, Zip Sleeve fits quite well into the C6 Laptop Bag.

Ultimately, C6 has put out yet another solid product with an excellent design which is something the company seems to be very good with.

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Provides: Laptap storage and protection
Minimum Requirements: 
11″ MacBook Air to 17″ MacBook Pro
 £28.00 to £30.00 (around $46.00 to $53.00)

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