Apple Stores in Japan to offer annual “Lucky Bags” on January 2nd

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Japanese Apple Stores will soon be spreading some cheer for New Years, offering up their annual “Lucky Bags” (or fukubukoropromotion on January 2nd. The one-day promotion consists of Lucky Bags full of an assortment of Apple products, including iPods, headphones, T-shirts, and occasionally some bigger products such as iPads and Macbook Airs.

What makes it so special is that customers are able to get some of these expensive products for 36,000 yen (roughly $345). This isn’t a bad deal at all which is why it has become very popular in Japan, and likely China very soon, as well.

The Lucky Bags have become sort of like a product release, with customers often lining up outside of Apple Retail Stores the night before to make sure they are able to purchase a bag. The bags are exactly what they are named for, luck, so a customer may or may not end up with a big ticket item. I guess it isn’t all too bad if you end up with an iPod and a pair of headphones for $345, as you are willing to take a chance by buying one of the Lucky Bags. However, it is even possible that you might end up with an iPad or Macbook Air for that price.

Ultimately, it depends on how lucky you really are. Apple does not allow any returns on the bags unless the products included are defective or have some other issue. It is unclear if Apple will bring this promotion to other countries, especially in Asia as the company’s presence continues to grow in that region.

Via [MacRumors]

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